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The Annual Support Services and Maintenance Contract (“Support”) is available at the time of purchase of the Acumatica software through CyberCore, and renewed based on your subscription going forward. As a Support recipient, you receive unlimited support on Acumatica related issues (subject to the terms and conditions below), as well as all available software upgrades during the term. Support (as defined below) is limited to Acumatica software support, or any other custom work performed by CyberCore.

This document details the technical support that is offered to clients who have entered into an annual service contract with us. The Acumatica Annual Maintenance contract must also be current and active to avoid any interruption in service.

What is included?

  • Access to all Software Updates, Upgrades and Patches for Acumatica software (licensed modules only)
      • Upgrade Versions: such as 5.0 to 5.1
      • Major Upgrades: such as 5.0 to 6.0
      • Updates on iPhone, iPad and Android Apps
      • Minor Patches & Revisions: such as rev 6.1.113
  • Access to CyberCore’s Online Support Portal and Knowledgebase.
      • The designated point of contact at your company will have a login to our support portal, accessed via our website at ( top right, “Customer Care Portal”
      • Our advanced Incident Management System queue’s all incoming incidents based on priority, availability and engineer expertise.
      • History, response time, time spent, and time to closure of each incident is tracked by the portal and reviewed by CyberCore Managers.
  • Phone or Email Support (defined below)
  • Pre-emptive and active response to alerts
  • Review of Acumatica logs to ensure proper operation and environment.
  • Schedule, download, and execution of regular Acumatica upgrades and updates to ensure your company is always on the latest version. (included in SaaS, billed as required otherwise)
  • Quarterly Upgrades performed; as applicable or needed – (included in SaaS, billed as required otherwise).
  • Unlimited Annual Technical Support (subject to the conditions below)

Eligible Products:

Acumatica Software/Subscription (licensed modules only). Only customers who have a valid Acumatica software license or subscription, subject to the Acumatica end user license agreement; and both Acumatica and CyberCore’s standard conditions of sale are met, are eligible for Support. The Acumatica Annual Maintenance contract must also be current and active to avoid any interruption in service.


What is and what is not Support?

Under this Service contract, you have Unlimited support for Acumatica related issues that are not caused by you, your employees, hires, agents, representatives, heirs, or assigns (collectively, “You”) and that can be deduced to be a problem caused by the Acumatica software itself (an “Incident”). An Incident is a single reproducible issue that focuses on one aspect of the Acumatica software and can be identified by isolating specific symptoms. A reproducible Incident is any problem that can be re-created by CyberCore on the Acumatica software.


Examples of covered Incidents are system error codes, system freezing, and system crashes.


Technical Support covers the functioning of the Acumatica software only (as detailed below). It does not in general cover workflow consultancy, business analysis, training and installation, configuration of the software, integration with 3rd party products, or questions relating to the IT infrastructure. Any issue determined to be caused by a 3rd party software bug or error in documentation will not be considered an Incident.

If the support issue indicates training is required on how to use the product, or requires consulting on business and software processes, we will advise accordingly. Training and consultation time can be booked in 4 hour blocks, and used up in 15min increments. Onsite time can be booked in 8 hour blocks, and used up in two, 4 hour blocks back to back. (Same day, or the next day only)

Support does not include:

  • Issues arising from or caused by Acts of God or Force Majeure (SaaS included)
  • General troubleshooting / Virus removal (billable hourly upon request)
  • Any issues arising out of any act performed or undertaken by You. This includes but is not limited to adding new software to the server, changes made to the hardware or the server configuration, server migration and the like. (SaaS not included / not allowed) 
  • Issues related to the network, speed, operating system, power outages, corrupt backups and corrupt data files, physical server relocation, server migration, or server connectivity online. (does not apply to SaaS)
  • Additional items or features of the system that CyberCore did not install or setup for you.
  • Training is not covered on your annual support.
      • Online Training and Consultation time can be booked in 4 hour blocks, and used up in 15min increments.
      • Onsite time can be booked in 8 hour blocks, and used up in two, 4 hour blocks back to back. (Same day, or the next day only)
      • Quick questions taking less than 5 mins to explain will be addressed based on priority if possible, and will not be billed. (up to 75 calls max per year)
      • If a question takes over 10 minutes to explain, it will be considered training and therefore billed against the included 6 hours.

When is an incident resolved?

Any incident identified by CyberCore will be considered resolved when any of the following statements are true:

  • Information regarding a reasonable solution has been provided.
  • Information regarding a reasonable workaround has been provided.
  • Information that isolates the issue to a third-party product has been provided.
  • CyberCore determines the incident is an enhancement request.

What we expect from you

To help us investigate an issue we may require additional information from you, such as log files, screen shots, example media files, or a repeatable sequence of steps to reproduce the problem. We may also suggest possible workarounds or additional testing steps. If we don’t hear back from you after requesting additional information for 10 days; we will consider the support issue as being closed.



Technical support is provided in English only at this time.