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Are you thinking about implementing Acumatica as your next ERP system? You may check out a fully functioning Acumatica demo at: Cloud Cybercore            
This is, in my view, a rare and brave move by Acumatica. There aren’t many ERP vendors on the market that make it so easy to try out their software. Before you can even see what the product looks like, most ERP vendors make you jump through a few hoops in the sales cycle.

Acumatica’s ability to do this can be explained in two ways:

1. Browser-based technology

Acumatica is a browser-based ERP program that was designed from the ground up. To securely test Acumatica, all that is needed is a web browser. Older ERP products were intended to be used internally, and opening them up to the public introduces a slew of security flaws. They really weren’t designed with public deployment in mind. This is why, for many older ERP products, developing a vendor or customer portal is such a significant development effort.

Acumatica makes it simple to set up a shared environment since the whole application was built from the ground up to be used by the public. Furthermore, since users only need a web browser to communicate with Acumatica, you can start using Acumatica in a matter of seconds by clicking one of the above links.

2.The product is self-evident.

Some ERP systems don’t have as convenient access to a Acumatica demo environment because their products aren’t as impressive as Acumatica’s.

Acumatica is a device based on cutting-edge technology with a long list of features that speak for themselves. If you get your hands on the Acumatica product, I believe you’ll discover that it markets itself.

Many of the features seen in demonstrations for older ERP products don’t perform well in real-time.

Many demos you see are full of “smoke and mirrors” to make it look as if all is going smoothly when the facts behind the scenes are even messier than they appear.

The product fits extremely well with Acumatica. It’s fast, clean, and clearly technologically advanced. You just need to take it for a test drive to see this.


There is, of course, a large disclaimer here. Acumatica sells exclusively to local implementation consulting partners for a reason. ERP implementations can be extremely difficult, as there are many non-technical problems to consider. More than the technology, the success or failure of an ERP implementation is determined by the implementation team. As a result, you can never purchase Acumatica without first consulting with a knowledgeable implementation consultant.

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  • Acumatica Cloud ERP Software and Cloud Accounting Software is cloud-based business management software that helps small and midsized businesses reach their full potential and accelerate growth.
  • Acumatica provides a suite of fully integrated business management software such as Financials, Distribution, CRM, and Project Accounting, driven by a comprehensive and scalable platform, built on the world’s best cloud and mobile technologies and a unique unrestricted usage oriented customer-centric licensing model.
  • After you’ve seen the Acumatica demo, you can try Acumatica for yourself.